Retail, Restaurant, Supermarket, Massage booking System

Global Bankcard Service, your trusted partner for restaurant,retail, supermarket POS systems. We understand the importance of catering to a diverse customer base, which is why our solutions support different languages and are incredibly easy to set up. 

Integrate with online order companies with low fees


  • Chinese food, Western food, coffee shops, etc.

  • Beautiful interface, simple operation, powerful functions

  • Super stable multi language software

  • Easy connect to tablet and online order website
  • Urber eat, Doordash integated
  • Multi-store

Beauty software

  • Good for stores: beauty, hairdressing, manicure, etc.

  • Member management, SMS and email marketing, appointment reminders

  • Can be used offline, with employee commission incentive system


  • Suitable for stores: retail, supermarket, clothing, digital, etc.

  • Exquisite design, simple and easy to operate

  • Can be operated offline, tens of millions of products, and archives can be created in one day

  • Easy connect to Scanner, Scale and Bar code printer
  • Easy connect to online order website and kiosk


  • Same style as McDonald’s, no queues at checkout

  • Improve checkout efficiency and reduce labor costs

  • Connected to the order calling system, consumers can order their meals by looking at the order

  • Freely purchase hardware with a wide range of choices

  • Suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals